Can You Build in The Winter?

When people think about building homes, they typically picture construction in the Summer. We hear all the time, “you must be really slow in the winter, what do you do during the winter months?” This is a HUGE misconception! Building and remodeling is NOT a seasonal thing. The beautiful thing about St. Louis winter is that they are typically pretty mild. As long as we can get the foundation in before the freezing temps and bad weather, we can build all winter long.

No need to wait, don’t let the weather be a setback to your remodel process. Now is the time to start planning for your remodel and designing. Don’t wait until the Spring and Summer when you could start now!

In the past, and depending on the location, remodeling and construction companies had to close shop for the winter. Luckily this is no longer the case for the industry. With new products and technology, we are able to work all winter long.

Most trades can perform in all weather, but there are some restrictions. The main restriction we find is the daylight hours are shorter, meaning less time during the day to work. The crew will be wearing bulkier clothing so they might move a little bit slower than in the summer. We will also take additional measures to prevent broken pipes, ice damming and other water-infiltration problems. You might be thinking, “what about snow?” Well in reality, snow is easier to handle than rain! It’s much easier to tarp snow and is much more forgiving than rain.

If you’re someone who enjoys spending time in your backyard in the Spring in Summer, you might not want to wait until the Spring to build. People who typically start in the spring usually have a torn up yard all through the Summer. If you start in the Winter, you should be able to enjoy your yard all Summer long!

Another great thing about building in the winter is how quickly the work permits are approved. Because fewer people are building in the winter, there are less people applying for permits.

We are extremely lucky in Missouri to have these mild winters which allow us to work all year long. These past few months have been some of the busiest for us and we’re looking at many more projects coming soon! If you were planning to wait until the Spring, give us a call! You can start planning and designing now and get your build done quicker.

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